Others: H.264 video for mobile devices and HTML5

Here you will find general considerations when compressing videos for mobile devices (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / Android Smartphones and Tablets, etc.) and HTML5, in MPEG-4, using any encoding/compression software. Additionally, we have included a table with basic compression settings.

General guidelines

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, and most Smartphones/Tablets support MPEG-4 video playback; the video file must be compressed using the H.264 format (Baseline profile) for the video track and the ACC format for the audio track.

HTML5 Video
Although it is also supported on most modern desktop computer Web browsers, it is more widely used for playing back video on mobile device because these devices, normally, do not have the Flash plugin that is present on almost every desktop computer Web browser (Flash-based video players continue to be the preferred way of playing back online video on desktop computer browsers). Today, most mobile devices have Web browsers with HTML5 support.

Screen Size
Since Smartphones/Tablest have small sized screens, compressing videos at high resolutions will not necessarily make them better looking and will probably consume more battery power and cause playback problems on slow devices. A video resolution of 480x320 pixels is, generally, enought for videos intended to be played back on mobile devices.

Bitrate / File size
Try to find a balance between look and file size, remember that mobile devices might access the Internet through costly cellular lines, so it is better to reduce the file size as much as possible.

Settings: compressing MPEG-4(H.264) video for mobile devices/HTML5

Use the following table as a reference for creating iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/HTML5 compatible video files. We encourage you to try different settings for bitrate and dimensions until you are satisfied with the look and size of the resulting files.

  WebTV Quality
Settings 500Kbps 700Kbps 1000Kbps
Video Track  
Format H.264
Profile Baseline
Compression quality
Faster (Single Pass)
Frame Rate
25 (PAL) / 30 (NTSC)
372 kbits/sec 572 kbits/sec 872 kbits/sec
480 x 360 (4:3)
586 x 320 (16:9)
480 x 360 (4:3)
586 x 320 (16:9)
480 x 360 (4:3)
586 x 320 (16:9)
Audio Track  
Sample Rate
48 kHz
Stereo Stereo Stereo
Bit rate
128 kbps 128 kbps 128 kbps

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