Backup Simple Web TV

Here we will explain you how to backup Simple Web TV.

◢1 Backup the database

You can backup the WebTV´s database by using the "Export" option of phpMyAdmin. Most Web hosting providers allow to access phpMyAdmin from their control panels; once inside the tool, you will need to select the WebTV´s database (at the top of the left panel) and then, click on the "Export" tab (top-right). Inside Export, tick the "Save as file" checkbox (bottom-left) and, finally, click on "Go" (bottom-right) to start downloading the database in .sql format.

◢2 Backup all WebTV's files

Use a FTP program to download all files and folders of the WebTV into your PC.

Important files and folders
Although you will always be able to download the most recent version of Simple Web TV from our Website, it is very important to keep a copy of the following files and folders:
/plantillas/admin/thumbs (all files). All Clips´ thumbnails and WebTV´s logo are stored inside this folder.
/movies Normally here is where video files are stored; however, it is possible that you have decided to use another location to store them. In order to verify what folder you should backup, check out the configuration section of your WebTV, where you will find the FTP and HTTP paths to the video files.

Other files
In case you have modified files like graphics, css, or html templates, we recommend you to back them up and keep a record of those modifications, that way, in the eventuality that you need to reinstall the WebTV from a new version, you will always be able to re-apply the modifications to the WebTV.

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