Software tools that will help you to get the most out of your WebTV.

Free Software

HandBrake (H.264/MPEG4)

This FREEWARE software encodes videos in H.264 format (MPEG4).

» Download HandBrake

Compression profiles: to make your life easier... If you don´t want to complicate your life with bitrates, image sizes and so, download these profiles with compression presets; with them you just have to select your source file, destination, the desired quality and press a button!
» Download HandBrake 0.95 profiles
» Download HandBrake 0.94 profiles
» Download HandBrake 0.93 profiles

Windows: Installing all profiles:
» 1. Unzip the "" file (inside it you will find a file named "user_presets.xml").
» 2. Make sure HandBrake is not running (otherwise close it!).
» 3. Copy the "user_presets.xml" file inside the "HandBrake" folder located in the Windows user profiles,
Example for Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\HandBrake.
Example for Windows Vista:
C:\users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Handbrake
NOTE: In order to see the AppData folder, you must enable the option to show hidden folders.
For more info about where presets are stored, visit:
» 4. Open HandBrake (on Windows: Start/Programs/HandBrake/HandBrake ).
» 5. That´s all! the new profiles (Presets) should appear at the right with names like "WebTV-XXX-XXX"
» 6. In case the new profiles do not show, try going to the "Presets" option, at the top, in the menu bar and click on "Update Built-in Presets". Repeat steps 1-4 if necessary.
Mac / Windows: Installing individual profiles:
» 1. Unzip the "" file (inside you will find a folder named "hb095_presets_plist").
» 2. Open HandBrake.
» 3. Select "Presets" on the menu bar.
» 4. Click on the option "Import".
» 5. Find the aforementioned folder hb95_presets_plist and select the desired profile.
» 5. That's it! the profile will be imported and should appear at the right ("Presets") with a name like "WebTV-XXX-XXX"

How to use HandBrake? »
check out our tutorials.

Official HandBrake Website »


Freeware software that allows you to convert video files to FLV format. Although the free version does not demonstrate a great compression quality, it is free...
» Download FreeFLVConverter for Windows (XP,Vista,7) FREE
Official Koyote Soft Website »

Riva FLV Encoder

Another freeware to convert your videos to FLV formaty. Like FreeFLVConverter, don´t expect a great compression quality from it, but... it is free.
» Download Riva Encoder for Windows (XP,Vista,7) FREE
Official Riva FLV Encoder Website »

Flash Video Encoder CS3 - profiles

Compression profiles for Flash Video Encoder CS3 (Flash Professional CS3).
» Download profiles
How to use Flash Video Encoder CS3? » check out our tutorials.

Adobe Media Encoder CS4 - profiles

Compression profiles to use with Adobe Media Encoder (Flash Professional CS4).
» Download profiles
How to use Adobe Media Encoder CS4? » check out our tutorials.

Commercial Software

Apple QuickTime 7 Pro

The Pro version of Quicktime allows you, among others, to compress video files in H.264 format with great quality.
» Apple QuickTime Website


Sorenson is the developer of popular programs like "Sqeeze"; this software allows you to compress video files into multiple formats (like FLV and H.264) with excellent quality.
» Sorenson Products Website

Autodesk Cleaner

Another great product for compressing video files.
» Autodesk Cleaner XL Website

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