Video-based Website (WebTV)

Now you can have your own video portal without depending on other websites or online services.

Professional, customizable, unbranded

Include you own logo, change skin/theme.
Optional: "Total Unbranding" available.

Installable on your own domain/server

This solution is installed on your own domain/server and does not tie you to any CDN or datacenter, use it with any hosting that meets the requirements.

Compatible with virtually any CDN + streaming + live-video broadcasts

By purchasing the - optional - LiveClips extension, you will be able to stream files and live video boadcats and use virtually any CDN.

3D (stereoscopic) Video Simple Web TV 3D

3D video file playback recorded in the popular side-by-side format..

Embed UStream, LiveStream or similar

Optional: the LiveClips-Embed extension allows you to easily integrate free broadcasting services like UStream, LiveStream or similar with your WebTV.

Facebook Comments integration

Facebook Comments integration. Users will be able to comment about your videos.

Search and tag cloud functions

Your users will find your content very easy.

NEW! - Text pages

Create pages with text/HTML content. Great for including your contact information, services, privacy policy and more.

Include your own banners

It is very easy to integrate your Adsense or any other Ad network account with Simple Web TV.

Interactive Videos

Overlay text links during video playback.

Advanced Interactive Videos

Optional: Overlay interactive graphics and Flash animations during video playback.

Playlists / Multiple Channels

Organize your Clips the way you want.


Besides the included basic statistics functionality, you can easily integrate Google Analytics or any other statistic tool with Simple Web TV.

FLV, H.264, High Definition (HD) Compatible

For including high quality videos.

Multiple video qualities

Define up to four video qualities. With automatic bandwidth detection.

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad compatible

Through the iPhone/iPod Touch extension. "Basic" version included for free ( "Complete" available ).

RSS + Share / Embed / Send videos

Integrated RSS feed generator + Social bookmarking buttons + embed and link codes for every video, so they can be easily included on any third party Website + Send video-link by E-Mail feature.

Search engine friendly

The WebTV is optimized to facilitate the search engines´ indexing process, and includes a dynamic sitemap generator.

Very easy to use and manage (VMS+CMS)

Includes a friendly and intuitive video/ content administrator (VMS+CMS).

Batch processing

Bulk editing + (optional) bulk upload assistant.

YouTube video playback

Optional: with the LiveClips-Embed extension.

Interactive visual customization

Customize the look of the WebTV with the optional Styler extension.


Additional extensions and development services to complement your WebTV, according to your needs. Like graphic customization, etc.

UTF-8: Available in 16 languages (or more...)

More info, extensions, requirements, etc. »

Demo WebTV More Info > Try it Free > Purchase > Optional HTML5 + iPhone/iPod Touch Extension

*One time payment, no monthly fees. In order to apply for the 49,99€ reduced license price, you must also purchase the installation service, for a total cost of 119,99€ (Simple Web TV license + Installation). The money back warranty is only applicable to the price you have paid for the Simple Web TV license (depending on the purchased pack), excluding installation or any other additional service/extension cost.
If you just want to purchase a Simple Web TV license without the installation service, the license cost would be 74,99€ (in the “Tutorials” section you will find the installation instructions that will help you on the task).
For Spain-based residents: VAT/IVA not included.
For more info about our packs, check out the “Purchase” page.
For more info about additional development services, check out the “Services” page.

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