NOTE: Please note that Simple Web TV is a solution that is not being developed anymore, although we are still offering it for sale (without support) for those interested in acquiring it.
If you are looking for a solution that is being currently developed, you may want to visit the WebTV Solutions page and check out the features of their product.

What is Simple Web TV? What is a WebTV? Why?

Simple Web TV is a WebTV solution... A WebTV is a Web page dedicated to showing audiovisual content; it is a promotion tool that will allow you to create your own TV channel in Internet, with your own identity and without depending on other Websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Then, should I stop using YouTube, Vimeo, etc.? of course no, but use them as a complement to your online strategy, not as your primary audiovisual portal.

What do you prefer? We present you two situations:

Situation 1: Visitors of your Website are looking for audiovisual content and you redirect them to your YouTube or Vimeo page, WHERE THERE ARE ALSO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FROM YOUR COMPETITORS and, to top it all, over your videos will appear Ads that can result being from your competitors!.

Situation 2:
Visitors of your Website are looking for audiovisual content and you redirect them to your WebTV, where THERE ARE ONLY YOUR PRODUCT AND SERVICES VIDEOS, furthermore, when users are interested in a product or service they find in your videos, they can click on it to go directly to your online store of informative page where you offer more information about those products and services.

A powerful sales and marketing tool

A WebTV can complement your current Website by showing information about your products and services in a more visual and enjoyable way. Even more, from every video you can link with other content located in your current Website or online store, thus, completing the information cycle with one objective: increase the possibilities of selling your products and services.

Suitable for multiple applications

The WebTV is a tool suitable for multiple applications/fields: tv production, corporate TVs, tourism and entertainment, home and family, video brochures, medicine, real state, architecture, health and beauty, e-learning, news, social events (weddings, birthdays, etc), sports, art and culture, museum, public records, society, science and technology, toys, content for youth and kids, many more.

A Content/Video Management System (VMS+CMS)

Simple Web TV is also a Video Management System (VMS) + Content Management System (CMS) that is intended to be hosted in your own server (not in ours!).

Simple Web TV Features

Simple Web TV consists of two components:
1. The "visible" face (the Video Portal)
2. A private section, just for you (the Video/Content Administrator, VMS+CMS) where you can easily create, modify and/or delete content.

1) Web Portal

• Virtually compatible with virtually all Web browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera...
• "SEO Friendly". Contains optimizations to easy the indexing process of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing...).
• Standard: optimized for 1024x768 (and higher) screen resolutions.

Installable on your own domain, your own server, no monthly payments

Simple Web TV is a "standalone" solution that is intended to be installed on the server of your choice (as long as it meets the requirements, check the requirements at the bottom of this page). Additionally, our solution does not "tie" you neither to a specific CDN/Datacenter nor monthly payments. When you purchase a Simple Web TV pack you are buying a perpetual licence valid for the URL of your choice.

UTF-8: Available in 16 languages (or more...)

Simple Web TV interface is available in any of the following languages:
Catalán/Valenciano, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Euskera, French, Galician, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Russian (ISO-8859-5), Romanian and Spanish.
• The Content Administrator is only available in English and Spanish.
• Translation credits at the end of this page.

If your language is not included... request it!
If your language is not included in Simple Web TV, we can create a language pack for you (FREE of charge).
Contact us.

Professional, customizable and quasi-unbranded

You can select among several professional-looking visual themes (11 skins/styles included); additionally, you can include your own logo with two clicks!. Furthermore, we do not include our brand in a visible way!*
* We refer to the term "quasi-unbranded" since our signature is only visible when the generated HTML code is viewed. If you requiere "total unbranding" check the "advanced features" (bellow).

Click on any thumbnail to see the skin in "action":

In case you need a look which is different than the 11 included styles, there is available the -optional- "Styler" extension that will allow you to customize, in an interactive way, the appearance of the WebTV without programming knowledge (with every Simple Web TV license we include a demo of this extension). For more info check the "advanced features" (bellow).

The visual themes (skins/styles) are CSS/HTML based, so if you have Web programming knowledge you can modify them by yourself or, if you prefer, we also offer the service of customizing the WebTV to your corporate image (check out our "Services" page for more info).

Facebook Comments system integration

Users will be able to write comments about your videos using the Facebook Comments Social Plugin.
Comment moderation: You will also be able to associate your Facebook user ID or App ID in order to easily moderate the published comments.
NOTE: The "Comments" button can be hidden in case you don´t want comments to appear in your WebTV.

Flash video player

• Video On Demand, with streaming and live broadcasts capability (through the LiveClips extension).
• Compatible with the following file formats: .flv and H.264 (.mp4, .mov, .f4v, etc.).
• High Definition (HD) video playback.
3D video playback (see bellow).
• "Full screen" capability.
• Channel playlist visualization using thumbnails.
Multiple video qualities (up to four, with automatic bandwidth detection).
• Multiple aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, etc.).

3D Video support

Simple Web TV 3DSimple Web TV supports 3D (stereoscopic) video files playback* recorded in the popular side-by-side format.
Various 3D visualization modes*: anaglyph (red/cyan and green/magenta glasses), interlaced (shutter glasses).
3D to 2D conversion: for watching 3D videos in 2D mode (useful for users without the appropriate glasses).
- 3D video support has only be tested on with conventional progressive/on demand download (HTTP).
- 3D video feature not supported on iPhone/iPod Touch devices.
- Glasses not included with Simple Web TV.

Interactive videos

Include links to other Websites during video playback!.
Example: Your WebTV displays videos with your products and services, imagine that during the playback of a specific video you want to give your users the option to go directly to your online store in order to purchase that product/service, or simply the page where you have more info about it!.
Now this is possible very easily! Through the Content Administrator (see bellow) you can specify the Web Links that will be displayed over the video, during playback; you can even include several links with their corresponding In and Out points.

More than videos

Simple Web TV also allows you to create pages with textual/HTML content. This is great for including your contact information, services, privacy policy and more.

Ads and Statistics

Earn some money with your WebTV: Banner inclusion.
Include banners from Google AdSense, AdBrite, OpenX Ad Server or any other Ad systems with one click!; additionally, you can include your own banners with very little technical knowledges.

Statistics: Easily integrate Google Analytics or other statistical tools with your WebTV (without technical knowledges, just copy and paste!).

RSS: Content Syndication

Your WebTV visitor will be able to subscribe to the WebTV's RSS feed in order to get automatic update notifications every time you add new Clips to it.


Embedded video example:
Embed and link codes for every video.
•"Send video" (send E-Mail to friend) functionality.
• Buttons for sharing videos in popular social networks.

Compatible with iPhone/iPod Touch (basic)

Simple Web TV includes a free, limited, version of the iPhone/iPod Touch extension. This extension allows the playback* of the WebTV´s Clips on the Safari Web browser included on these devices. See the "advanced features" (bellow) for more info about the iPhone/iPod Touch extension, version comparison and their limitations.
*For playing back Clips on the iPhone/iPod Touch extension, it is necessary to compress them in a specific way (check out the tutorials) and, at the same time, dedicate one of the four qualities of the WebTV for this purpose.

Android compatible

Any device with Android operating system + Flash player will be able to display Simple Web TV.
NOTE: For a smooth video playback it is recommended a Smartphone/Tablet with a powerful CPU.

Optional HTML5 Video support

HTML5 video supportThrough the (optional) HTML5 video extension Simple Web TV is able to playback videos by using a HTML5 video player (H.264) when no Flash plugin is detected. With this extension the WebTV will be able to be watched on mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) without Flash, that have HTML5 + H.264 video support (iPad, Android, etc.). See the "advanced features" (bellow) for more info.

Complete solution

• Clip metadata association: name, description, keywords, etc.
Multiple channels for organizing videos.
Search function with Tag Cloud.
• Various video panels: related videos, featured videos, latest videos, most viewed, top rated.
Video rating: users can rate videos.

2) Video/Content Administrator (VMS+CMS)

• Easy to use (and friendly) interface.
• Add, modify, delete Clips.
• Add, modify, delete, gruop Channels.
• Channel playlist editing.
• Channel Scheduling: For every channel you can edit a Schedule, specifying different starting points according to hour, minutes and days of the week.
• Batch processing tools like bulk editing and bulk uploading assistant*.
• WebTV configuration: Include your logo, select skin/theme, modify title, description, etc. Include Google Adsense or other Ad systems, integrate with Google Analytics or other statistical tools, and much more.
• Statistics section: Basic stats for your clips, channels and search.
• Bumper insertion (identify your WebTV like a real Television).

*Bulk uploading assistant ("Batch Clip Creator") is an optional extension.

Extensions (optional) / Advanced features

 » Requirements (hosting)

Special thanks (translation credits):
• Chinese: Vicente Frechina (Multiprogramas)
• Danish: Hans Frimodt (
• German: Mathias Lenadrt (
• Greek: Akind Din
• Japanese: Tanaka Nobuyasu
• Romanian: Laurentiu BUBUIANU
• Russian: Andrey Kolmakov (


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