Hosting requirements

Requirements for installing Simple Web TV on your server

Any shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server with the following features:
• Active Web server (1) (accessible from a Web browser).
• PHP version: 4 or 5 with GD library, XML, Mail and FTP functions enabled.
• MySQL database version: 4 or 5.
• PHPMyAdmin.
• Allow setting write and execution permissions for folders (directories) if necessary.
• Allow modification of file upload and post limits, enable some necessary PHP functions (if required).
In general: have access to the .htaccess file (for Apache based web servers) and/or php.ini . Check with your hosting provider.
Enough server storage capacity in order to store the video files.
Enough bandwidth for the traffic that will generate the audiovisual content.
» For more info, check out our installation tutorial in Tutorials.

Some hosting services where we have tested SimpleWebTV (2) :
Provider Tested Plan(s) Notes
1&1 (USA / Spain) [↗] Shared Linux Although the max_input_time value can be set to a high number, there is an upload time limitation of 10 minutes imposed by the server.
Abansys (ES) [↗] Shared Linux No problems reported so far (IT) [↗] Shared Linux 60 seconds upload time limitation (max_input_time), per file. This implies that, with a 1Mbps upload Internet connection speed, you will barely be able to upload a 5MB file.
Additionally, there is a 30MB upload file size limitation (post_max_size), per file.
BakoWeb (USA) [↗] Shared Linux (Basic plan) No problems reported so far
Bluehost (USA) [↗] Shared Linux No problems reported so far
Dinahosting (ES) [↗] Shared Windows

Dedicated Linux
•  Shared Windows: 20MB-per-file upload limit (POST), imposed by Dinahosting, on shared hosting plans. Manual upload workaround needed for files > 20MB.
Needed to contact tech support to set MIME types.
• Dedicated Linux: No se han reportado problemas hasta la fecha
EUKHost (UK) [↗] Linux: VPS/Dedicated
Shared CPanel

• VPS/Dedicated: No problems reported so far
• Shared: Won´t work fine.
    - FTP functions of PHP are disabled; therefore the WebTV will not be able to upload files.
    - Can't enter HTML in textfield because of strict server security settings.
GoDaddy (USA) [↗] Shared Windows IIS7

Godaddy linux 4GH Ultimate

•  Shared Windows: File upload limitation (POST). We were not able to upload files greater than 14MB. Manual upload workaround needed for files > 14MB.
•  Linux 4GH: Won´t work fine. FTP connection from PHP ( ftp_connect() ) is limited; therefore the WebTV will not be able to upload files.
GENERAL WARNING: It seems that GoDaddy has started limiting the FTP connection from PHP (ftp_connect() function) on shared plans - not VPS or dedicated -
GreenGeeks (USA) [↗] Linux:Shared Web Hosting No problems reported so far
Heart Internet (UK) [↗] Shared Linux (Business Pro) No problems reported so far.
HostGator (USA) [↗] Shared Linux (Baby) 64MB-per-file upload limit (POST), imposed by HostGator on the tested hosting plan. Manual upload workaround needed for files > 64MB.
Hosting plan limits: [↗] VPS Linux (LAMP VPS) No problems reported so far
Network Solutions [↗] Shared Linux Won't work on shared plans - Latest versions of Simple Web TV might work on this hosting provider -.
Nominalia (ES) [↗] Shared Linux

Dedicated Windows
Shared Windows
• Shared Linux:
- Requires activating FTP Active mode in WebTV config file in order to be able to upload video files.
- Some customers have had sporadic problems regarding size limitations of the video files beign uploaded; however, on recent tests it has been possible to upload successfully video files larger than 50MB. In case problems arise, a manual-upload workaround can be used to overcome any limitation with problematic files.
- 100,000 MySQL queries per hour limit.
• Dedicated Windows: No problems reported so far
• Shared Windows: Won't work - Latest versions might work -
PowWeb (USA) [↗] Linux compartido 60 second script (PHP, etc.) execution limit -link-: The direct consecuence of the limit is that any video file that takes more than 60 seconds to upload, will not be stored.
75,000 MySQL queries per hour limit.
Manual upload workaround needed for problematic files.
RackSpace (USA) [↗] Dedicated Windows No problems reported so far
RedCoruna (ES) [↗] Dedicated Linux No problems reported so far
Strato Alojamiento (ES) [↗] Dedicated Windows Shared Linux • Windows Dedicated: No problems reported so far
• Shared Linux: Won't work - Latest versions might work -


1. The Web server must be associated with a domain name. Simple Web TV won´t work in "localhost" or using an IP address instead of a domain name.
2. The table is supplied as a reference. The list is parcial and not exclusive, as we have only be able to try/install our solution on a limited number of providers. Current technical conditions of the hosting services may have changed to date (to better or worst). There can be additional limitations that have not been reported so far. We do not guarantee that the supplied information is free from errors.

General considerations regarding hosting
As a general rule, you get what you pay for. Cheap shared hosting plans, normally, will impose greater restritions and limits than VPS and dedicated ones; also, it is very unlikely that the speed of a shared hosting plan could match the speed of a VPS or dedicated one.
Depending on your expectations regarding number of visitors and traffic, it is very important to choose a hosting solution that best suits your needs (Shared / VPS / Dedicated or, even, CDN in combination with any of the previous ones).
VPS = Virtual Private Server. A halfway hosting solution between shared and dedicated server.


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