HTML5 Video + iPhone/iPod Touch Interface (extension)

This extension consists of two components:
1) HTML5 Video Player.
2) iPhone/iPod Touch interface.

1. HTML5 Video Player for Simple Web TV

HTML5 Video on Simple Web TV
A complete HTML5 video player for Simple Web TV, with playlist support. The HTML5 video player allows the WebTV to playback videos on any device/browser that supports HTML5+H.264 video, without Flash player. For example: iPad, Android 4.1 Smartphones and Tablets, etc.
- Fullscreen feature depends on the Web browser capability. If the Web browser does not support full screen mode, the player will expand to fill the browser window.
- The HTML5 video player is not as full featured as the Simple Web TV Flash video player, therefore, the Advanced Interactive Videos, Sitelocking and PlayerLogo extensions, as well as the 3D capability, will not work with it.
- The HTML5 video player requires Simple Web TV 1.5+.

HTML5 Video requirements
• Web browser with HTML5 and H.264 video support (Opera and FireFox only support WebM video format therefore they will not playback videos in H.264 format).
• PC/Smartphone/Tablet with H.264 video support.

HTML5 "issues"
Since HTML5 is an evolving standard, some Web browser might have issues when displaying HTML5 video. For example: Dolphin HD and the native Android Browser (prior to 4.1 Jelly Bean) might distort the video depending on the screen size and orientation.

HTML5 compatibility Chart
Platform Browser Compatible Notes
Android Native Browser 4.1 (Jelly Bean) / Chrome OK No issues reported so far.
Android Native Browser 2.2 - 4.0x OK* *Video stretching issues.
NOTE: Some Android devices might not support H.264/HTML5 video; most newer devices support them.
Android Dolphin HD OK* *Video stretching issues.
Android Firefox OK* *H.264 support since version 17. "Full Screen" mode issues.
Android Opera NO Does not support H.264.
BlackBerry BlackBerry Browser ? Not tested. According to the BlackBerry online documentation HTML5 video playback is supported on
Phone: OS 4.2.2+ and BlackBerry Browser 7.0+
Tablets: OS 1.0+ and BlackBerry Browser 1.0+
iOS (iPad) Mobile Safari (Native) OK No issues reported so far.
Win Internet Explorer 9+ OK* *Fullscreen mode not supported.
NOTE: Internet Explorer versions prior to 9 do not support HTML5 video
Win/Mac Chrome 15+ OK No issues reported so far.
Win/Mac Firefox NO Currently does not support H.264, however Mozilla has announced they will support it in the future.
Win/Mac Opera NO Does not support H.264.
Win/Mac Safari 5+ OK No issues reported so far.
Windows Phone Internet Explorer Mobile 9+ ? Not tested. According to the Microsoft online documentation Windows Phone 7.5 should be able to playback HTML5 video.
NOTE: The table is supplied as a reference. The list is parcial and not exclusive, as we have only been able to perform tests on a limited number of devices. We do not guarantee that the information is free from errors.

2. iPhone/iPod Touch interface for Simple Web TV

Simple Web TV with the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Complete extension (Safari browser)
The iPhone/iPod Touch extension is a simplified WebTV interface that allows you to view your WebTV´s Clips in the Safari Web browser, included on these devices.

iPhone/iPod Touch devices do not support Flash, for this reason, the video playback is done through the integrated video player (Quicktime). Playlists, bumpers, interactive videos, etc. are not supported in the extension. We invite you to visit our demo WebTV from one of these devices so you can see it "in action".

Comparisson between Basic (included with Simple Web TV) and Complete versions
  iPhone/iPod Touch extension
Supported features Basic Complete
Amount of Clips displayed (limit) Up to 5 Unlimited
Clip search - Yes
Clip filtering by Channels - Yes
Clip sorting by date, name or playlist - Yes
Compatible with LiveClips extension - Yes
Compatible with LiveClips-Embed extension 1 - Yes
Compatible with Restricted Channels 2 - Yes
Compatible with Simple Web TV skin/styles Yes Yes
Price Free Contact us
1 From Simple Web TV 1.4.1+
2 From Simple Web TV 1.1.10+

Video format

Since this extension has been designed to allow the WebTV to be viewed on mobile devices (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Smartphones/Tablets) which, normally, are less powerful and have smaller screens than personal computers (besides having a limited battery duration), it is necessary to compress the videos taking those factors into consideration (check out the tutorials). In order to get the extension to work, it is indispensable to assign one of the WebTV's qualities exclusively to be played back on mobile devices. Videos must be encoded in H.264 (baseline) and AAC.

Neither iPhone nor iPod Touch nor iPad nor any other device is included with this extension.

Simple Web TV extensions
Advanced Interactive Videos
Clip Batch Creator
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Ext.
Restricted Channels
Total Unbranding


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