LiveClips-Embed extension

Native YouTube playback. Embed Free Live Broadcast services like UStream, Livestream... or any other embed code into Simple Web TV

This extension will allow you to:
1) Playback YouTube videos inside the Simple Web TV video player* (from Simple Web TV v.1.1.10+)
2) Replace the Simple WebTV video player with any embed code*. This is very useful for using FREE broadcasting/live streaming services like UStream, Livestream, etc. with your WebTV. Additionally, it will allow you to embed any video player (Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc.) or website´s embed code into a WebTV Channel.
LiveClip-Embed Example ↗
LiveClip-Embed YouTube Playback Example ↗

How does it work?
LiveClips-Embed are Clips that can store an embed code (html) or a YouTube video URL. In the case of an embed code, at playback time, the Simple Web TV video player will be replaced by the embed code (html), automatically. In the case of a YouTube video URL, the system will playback the video like any other Clip.


Play YouTube videos like any other Simple Web TV native Clip.
Since YouTube videos will be handled like native Clips, you can include them into any Channel (playlist), along other Clips.

Free video broadcast/live streaming (using third party services).
LiveClips-Embed are ideal to create Channels where to include live broadcasts, by using free services like UStream, Livestream or similar video broadcasting websites that facilitate embed code. Those free services allow you to do live broadcasts using a video camera or webcam, without needing costly dedicated servers, media servers, etc.

Streaming in other video formats (Real Video, Windows Media, etc.)
Let´s suppose that you do not want to do live broadcasts in Flash video format and, instead, you prefer other systems like Real Video, Windows Media, etc. With the LiveClips-Embed extension, you can embed the video player of your choice (Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc.) that is compatible with your live broadcast system.

• When using the embed functionality, LiveClips-Embed will interrupt the playback of the Channel (playlist) where they are included. This is because of the video player replacement.
• On Simple Web TV version prior to 1.4.1, LiveClips-Embed won´t work with the iPhone/iPod Touch extension.
• The "Interactive Videos" functionality will only work with YouTube video playback. It won´t work with embeds.
• YouTube playback functionality is subject to the terms (and will...) of YouTube. Simple Web TV is not related in any way with YouTube and does not guarantee this functionality. "Native" playback is not supported on the iPhone Complete extension; you will need to use the conventional "embed" mode.

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