Restricted Channels extension

Restrict content access, with password, in Simple Web TV

The Restricted Channels extension allows you to create Channels that will only be accessible with a username and password. It is very useful when, besides public content, you need private content, reserved for selected Users (registered).

How does it work?
When a user tries to access a Restricted Channel it will be asked for its username and password; if the user does not provide the info it won´t be able to access the Channel or Clips included into that Channel.

This extension will enable additional features in the Simple Web TV Content Administrator, that will allow to:
1. Create Restricted Channels.
2. Create User accounts (with the corresponding username -alias- and password). It will be possible to assign any available Restricted Channel to each account.

• User accounts can only be created from the Content Administrator.
• In order for this extension to work with the the iPhone/iPod Touch one; it is required Simple Web TV 1.1.10+. Otherwise, Restricted Channels will be excluded when visiting the WebTV from the iPhone/iPod Touch extension.
• Restricted Channels extension is not a DRM solution.
• Restricted Channels extension does not protect the content (videos) against copy, download, etc., it simply adds a basic protection layer to limit Clips and Channels access.

• If you include a Clip into a Restricted Channel, avoid including it into a public one too.
• For a more consistent user experience it is advisable to enable the "Contextualize Clips" option, in the Simple Web TV config file.

Restricted Channels example ↗( alias: demo / password: demo)

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