LiveClips extension

Live and VOD streaming: Use Media Servers and CDNs with Simple Web TV

The LiveClips extension allows you to use Media Servers* and CDNs, with Simple Web TV, in order to do Live and VOD streaming.
Adobe Flash Media Server Wowza Media Server Red5 Media Server

¿Do you want Simple Web TV to work with your favorite CDN? ¿Do you want to make live broadcasts?

Through the - optional - LiveClips extension, Simple Web TV is compatible with virtually any CDN (Content Delivery Network), furthermore, it adds the capability to connect with streaming servers either for video files or for live broadcasts, using RTMP sources. You can include progressive and streaming video files (even from different servers) as well as live broadcats in the same channel!.

Generally speaking, the LiveClips extension allows Simple Web TV to connect with Flash-compatible media servers (Wowza, Adobe Media Server, etc.) using the following methods:
Progressive download: through HTTP / HTTPS, FLV and H.264 (F4V, M4V, MOV, etc.) formats.
Streaming (Video On Demand): through HTTP (HDS-VOD*) / RTMP / RTMPT / RTMPE, FLV and H.264 (F4V, M4V, MOV, etc.) formats.
Live Streaming (live broadcasts): through HTTP (HDS-LIVE*) / RTMP / RTMPT / RTMPE, VP6 and H.264 formats.
*HTTP Streaming (HDS-VOD and HDS-Live) has been tested with Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5

Strreaming for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
LiveClips extension, along with the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Complete extension, connect with specialized streaming servers compatible with these devices. If your media server or CDN is able to simultaneously stream for Flash and iPhone, you will have the possibility to distribute both transmissions at the same time. The Flash-compatible stream will be played back on the standard WebTV, through the Flash player, and the iPhone-compatible stream will be played back through the iPhone/iPod Touch Complete extenion.

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- Simple Web TV + Ext. LiveClips has been tested with Adobe Media Server, Wowza Media Server and Red5 Media Server.
- Red5 tests were not thorough.
- Red5 version used for testing: 1.0RC1.

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